Superfood Tip: Rapid weight loss drink home recipe!

Do you want to lose weight? Do you want to be a natural recipe that you can quickly prepare with what you have in your home?

Well, this is the recipe you are looking for. Prepare it, drink it and lose weight at home. Cinnamon, bay leaves, green tea are the main ingredients.

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Video summary:

These healthy foods are well-known for their properties to help lose weight quickly, speed up the metabolism and offer you a great nutrition. The three healthy foods are cinnamon, green tea and bay leaves.

Cinnamon contains essential oils, antioxidants and nutrients that accelerate metabolism, increasing energy consumption and stimulating weight loss. Due to detoxifying compounds and diuretics effect, cinnamon helps to cleanse the blood by optimally removing toxins and liquids.

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Cinnamon has the ability to reduce the feeling of hunger, making the food to linger longer in the stomach. This healthy food is excellent for losing weight. The bay leaves possess digestive properties that stimulate the elimination of toxins accumulated in the body and removing fluid retained in body tissues.

In this way supporting the body to rapidly lose weight. Also, bay leaves fight against stress and anxiety, in this way can eliminate two causes that can underlie weight gain.  Learn more in the video!