Top Reasons Why Depression Is Linked With Weightloss 🤰🏼 For Pregnancy


Not all weighltoss is good news… Sometimes, it comes in an unwanted way.

– Majority of the time, weightloss is the common goal for people.
– There are, however, some instances when weightloss is not welcome.
– When and why are there times that people would not want to lose weight?

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As we age, it is inevitable that our body’s metabolism ceases to function as efficiently as it should. There will come a time when the body will start to earn some weight, all because our body simply can’t catch up with digesting the amount of food that we take in.

The fact that our daily activities are not proportional to our food intake as well, then it’s truly normal to gain some weight as the years add up.

However, there are times that we start to lose weight even when we don’t want to – like in bodybuilding for men (or some women) and in pregnancy for women.

The number one reason and cause of unexpected and unwanted weightloss is depression.

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