Superfoods have so many positive reputations, that experts think it has gone beyond real.

– Experts want the public to be more cautious in trusting what they see and read online.
– Superfoods have become a good source of fake news in recent days.
– The reality is, not all the things that superfoods claim to be are real.

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If not everything we read online is REAL, then how do we know which ones to believe and which ones to ignore? The truth is, it can be very hard to distinguish reality from lies, especially when the news that is given to us is delivered in a very convincing way.

One of the many ways that people are lured into the superfoods bandwagon is the fact that there are so many so-called “testimonies” that are surfacing and it even involves fitness personalities whom people look up to for inspiration (or FITspiration).

Experts are warning the public to be more cautious and be vigilant of some superfoods that are not genuine and real with the promises attached to their names.

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