The Road to Heart Disease: Risk Factors & Prevention

One of the most prevalent risk factors is a family history. If heart disease is simply part of your genetics, you will be higher risk for developing this disease yourself. However, there are still preventive steps that can be taken to protect yourself.

Even if a family history does not already exist it does not make the chances of developing heart disease disappear. Fortunately, you can do something about the risk factors that can lead to heart disease.

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Here is a list of the factors you can control and how to manage them:

Avoid high levels of low-density lipo-protein cholesterol, also known as bad cholesterol and low levels of high-density lipo-protein, also known as good cholesterol

    • Avoid high levels of triglycerides, which can increase when you consume too many fatty foods and take in excess calories.
    • Avoid or quit smoking
    • Exercise more regularly
    • Avoid a high fat diet
    • Monitor high blood pressure
    • Monitor ongoing stress, anxiety, and depression
    • Monitor weight gain to avoid being overweight and obese
    • Monitor diabetes

    Alternative Care

    The best alternative medicine for heart disease is prevention. Stop it before it starts and stay on top of symptoms and risk factors.

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    Most modern medicine becomes necessary once heart disease exists, but, by simply trying alternative preventative practices and treatments, you can avoid the damaging effects of this condition.

    Alternative Methods For Heart Disease Prevention

    Consult with a holistic nutritionist that will teach how to eat smart and fill your diet with healthy foods high in Omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. These include fish, vegetables, fruits, and lean meats. Consult with a holistic practitioner that can help assess your individual needs and provide a customized treatment plan to get you on the road to general health and wellness.

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    Practice regular exercise a few times a week and attend regular doctor’s appointments to stay updated on your heart health.

    Dietary Treatments: Learn to avoid foods high in fat and cholesterol

    Chelation Therapy: This treatment rids the body of heavy metals and is often used for mercury poisoning and the like. It adds the amino acid called EDTA to your body which can help remove dangerous blockages from the arteries

    Stress Reducing Exercises: Engage in Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi, and other similar exercise routines.

    As with all medications, supplements, and therapies; a consultation with your doctor is strongly recommended.

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