Mucuna: Superfood For Your Nerves And Sexual 🔥 Health?

Mucuna superfood, also referred to as kapikacchu, is a popular Ayurvedic herb and it is also classified as a superfood. The benefits of this superfood is extracted in the form of powder that is comes from the seed of a legume plant.The amazing superfood is found mainly in the tropical climates and it works great for calming the nervous system. It also aids in nourishing the fluids and tissues of the entire body.

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As per the Chinese herbal classification, mucuna is considered as the yang and jing herb that aids in restoring the kidney adrenal meridian and enhances the reproductive power, brain, eye sight and hearing capacity.

What makes mucuna a superfood?

Mucuna has the appearance of a velvety bean and it contains several beneficial substances such as the L-dopa, an amino acid which converts into dopamine. Many individuals having the Parkinson’s disease and other types of nervous system disorders are known to have insufficient dopamine levels and mucuna can help solve the deficiency and provide the essential nutrient.

Richest natural source of L-dopa?

Studies have revealed that mucuna is the richest natural source of L-dopa, and this amino acid aids in calming and relaxing the nervous system. It protects the body against pangs of stress. L-dopa creates dopamine in a similar fashion like the tryptophan produces serotonin.

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Mucuna can improve fertility and support an orgasm?

This awesome superfood is also a fertility booster and aids in improving fertility in both men and women. Hence, it has also been termed as an aphrodisiac food . Including this superfood in your diet may help raise the testosterone levels and sperm count in males; and in women it aids in regulating the ovulation cycles.

Studies have shown that L-dopa aids in increasing the sexual interest and activity in men, and it also helps in their erections. It is also used in treating anorgasmia, a condition where the woman is unable to have an orgasm.

Other health benefits of mucuna?

Besides working as an incredible superfood that helps alleviate nervous system disorders, mucuna also works like an anti-hypoglycemic and anti-hypertensive agent. It may reduce the blood sugar and cholesterol levels that are responsible for fatal diseases.

It stimulates muscle growth as well as aids in burning excess fat. Mucuna promotes adrenal and kidney health, and it also boosts the libido and sex drive in individuals. It is a natural anti-depressant and may also help in preventing the signs of ageing.

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