Will Eating A Diet Based On Your Blood Group Help You Become Healthier?

Is it possible that eating a diet based on your blood group would help you remain slim and healthy? This is an idea that is working behind the Blood Type Diet created by Peter J. D’Adamo. According to D’Adamo the foods that we eat react with our blood type and it is a chemical reaction. If we follow a diet that is made for specific blood group, the food will be digested more efficiently by the body. Hence, it will become easier to lose weight and have more energy and less problems with diseases.

But will it work?

However, it is difficult to say whether such diet would work properly as there are no studies that would directly compare weight loss and health of the people who are on such type of diet against those who are not. According to one study people who have a particular blood type would get more benefits from low-fat diet.

What can you eat?

According to D’Adamo those who have O type blood should go for high protein diet with lean meat, fish, poultry and vegetables but light on dairy and grains. They should also take care of tummy troubles and other issues by having various supplements. Those who have type A they should have a meat free diet and concentrate more on fruits, vegetables, legumes and beans and whole grains which should be fresh and organic. This is because they have a sensitive immune system.

Those who have type B blood should avoid corn, lentils, peanuts, sesame seeds, buckwheat, tomatoes and wheat along with chicken which is also problematic. They should have green vegetables, eggs, meats and low-fat dairy products. Those who have AB group of blood should have tofu, seafood, green vegetables and dairy products.

This is because those who have AB group of blood have low stomach acid. They should avoid alcohol, caffeine and smoked or cured meats. However, there is a limitation to this diet as your diet would be severely restricted. Also you should not have packaged foods or meals

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