What Is Ayurveda And Its Uses And Benefits For Health? Part 2


Many people think that since we are all individuals our medical treatment should be individualized but just because we feel that we should receive individualized treatment does not mean that the Ayurveda treatment is grounded in reality.

Scientific evidence?

Since the treatments are so highly individualized it is almost impossible to take any kind of scientific measurement to back up the theories of Ayurveda. Although Ayurveda as a whole cannot be studied the herbal remedies have been studied in several trials and were shown to improve heath dramatically.

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Other traditional Ayurveda such as drinking urine and blood letting do have possible health risks but most who practice Ayurveda shun such practices.

Uses and Benefits

Ayurveda focus more on preventing diseases rather than curing them and the treatments are not given to the ailments but to the body as a whole. Ayurveda is used to eliminate toxins from the body and create a natural balance to reach optimal health. Ayurveda is not a treatment for disease but a way of life that is use in the prevention of disease. Listed below are a few of the benefits of using Ayurveda.

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Treat Respiratory problems- Studies have shown that using Ayurveda can help treat respiratory issues that accompany colds and flus. Everyone gets a cold or a flu at some point in their life and it is much easier to treat these problems using Ayurveda than it is to treat a disease such as asthma.
Improve circulation-Treatments such as the use of essential oils or massage help to relax your body and herbal treatments help improve blood flow as well as oxygen distribution throughout the entire body.

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Skin issues-Bloodletting by use of leaches or needle has been shown to help with issues such as acne, eczema, and skin blemishes.
Relaxation benefits- Treatments such as medicated baths or massage help with the relaxation of the mind and body. Along with relieving stress these treatments are said to help balance the mental state and heal it.

Research is ongoing when it comes to the treatments used in Ayurveda and they have yet to be determined as effective but for those who have used the practice no more evidence is needed besides their own experiences.

As with all medications, supplements, and therapies; a consultation with your doctor is strongly recommended.