Is Yoga A Holistic Cure?

Some 15 odd teachers from Laskhmi School participated in the yoga beginner’s course presented by Sivananda Yoga Centre, and they are delighted with the results. According to a primary school teacher, yoga helped her get relief from the acute pain in her shoulder.

Yoga had helped him feel energetic?

Another teacher said that he was anemic and felt dizzy throughout the day, but yoga had helped him feel energetic. The teachers lead hectic lives and some of the common problems they face due to their lifestyle include hypertension and diabetes. Practicing yoga works like a holistic cure. The yoga sanas help in facilitating proper blood circulation in the body. It fosters overall wellbeing and fitness.

Some of the basic asanas included in the course are Sarvanga, Hala, Matsya, Bhujanga, Dhanur and Trikona. “These asanas when practised regularly facilitate proper blood circulation to all parts of the body,” says Yashpal. “Yoga is an ancient form of fitness regime, but is very relevant even today. Regularity is important to experience its results.” “Modern lifestyle and hectic work schedules have taken a toll on our fitness. Only if people take some time out and pursue Yoga, will they realise its benefits,” he adds. Sivananda Yoga Centre also holds classes for kids, women and people of all age groups at its K.K.Nagar centre.

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