What Are The 10 Skincare ⚠️ Mistakes That Make Your Acne Worse? (Video)

Today we’re going to talk about the biggest skin care mistakes that you might be making right now at this very moment that are either causing more acne or damaging your skin in general.

I think the most fundamentally skin damaging mindset is not trusting your skin enough therefore you think that you need this sort of miracle fix from topical skin care solution.

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Video Summary:

So you really go out it like attacking and then being really aggressive to the skin thinking that you’d need to do this in order to fix some sort of skin issues.

Your skin is smart. Your skin is also a functioning living organ that knows how to repair and restore itself knows how to regulate the cell turnover and shed all the dead skin cells and also knows how to regulate sperm production when it needed all your skin might need.

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It’s just a basic hydration and comfortable environment for it to function. Let’s jump in to the skin care habits right now.

Skin Care mistake number one cleansing abrasive early and aggressively and this includes washing your skin cleansing your skin so many times a day and opting for a stronger a more alkaline cleanser to get rid of everything on top of the skin.

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And some people tend to cleanse for 10 – 15 minutes thinking that it is really purifying your skin and of course it is purifying your skin. But at the same time it is taking away all the essential components to naturally moisturizer your skin.

You are really disrupting and damaging to skin barrier. The cleansing agents inside the cleansers don’t know how to detect or identified a difference between what to take away.

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So that certain crimes and sweats and what to leave therefore it takes away literally everything.

And I have seen numerous beauty brands recommending to use their cleanser as more like a 50 minutes purifying detoxifying mask. You are doing it at the expense of really damaging to skin barrier.