What Are The 9 Common Weight Loss Mistakes??

Weightloss Mistakes

What are the common weightloss mistakes? Who doesn’t want to lose that extra weight and look extremely fab with a lean body? However, there are a few weight loss mistakes that you must avoid to ensure that you are always on the right track. Just like there are good ways to foster your weight loss, there are things you may do unintentionally that obstruct your progress.

Crash dieting?

One of the most common mistakes is crash dieting. You must know how less to eat and not overdo it. There’s a thin line between dieting and crash dieting so you must ensure you are always on the positive side. Also, don’t skip meals and stop weighing yourself day and night as this puts unnecessary stress on you.

Forcing yourself to eat breakfast
We’ve all heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Problem is, new research suggests that’s not always true. Nothing is yet conclusive, but what we can take away now is that it all depends on the individual.

For some, skipping breakfast causes fatigue, increased appetite later in the day and trouble sleeping; but for others, skipping breakfast helps them lose weight or causes no significant changes in their lifestyle. Basically, do whatever works best for you. If you need to eat, by all means have a meal, but if you don’t, it’s OK to wait until lunch.

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