A Bikini Body In 100 Days?

Is a bikini body in 100 days really possible? Eating the right food and doing the right exercise can actually help you get a bikini bod in 100 days and this has been proved to be true by a primary school teacher. Sophie, the tubby teacher got rid of those “love handles” and four stone in just 3 months.

She has recorded her progress in her blog where she has blogged about her healthy meals, daily exercise along with lots of selfies.  When she was the heaviest, the teacher weighed 14 stone however after taking up the 100-day challenge; she lost 4 stone and now weighs only 10 stone. “It’s all about taking a small step every day. At the end of 100 days it adds up to a whole new you” says Sophie.

Sophie had been a healthy body shape growing up in Cheshire in her teens but gave up sports after breaking her ankle when she was 17.

Then as she went on to graduate from Durham University she suffered a bout of glandular fever and was in and out of hospital battling a painful leg abscess for nine months.

At her heaviest she weighted 14 stone but after pulling off her 100-day transformation Sophie now tips the scales at a healthy 10 stone.

Sophie said: “I broke my ankle at 17 and had pins put in it. I used to play sport but after that I couldn’t and that was the start of me putting on weight.

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Author: Superfood