Ultimate Superfoods 🌰 Cacao Powder: Sweet, Fragrant And Healthy

This variety of Cacao has the finest flavor profile and floral aroma, as well as, the largest quantity of biologically available nutrients and minerals.

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Cacao is widely celebrated as the foods of God. The beans of Cacao are very rich in magnesium, chromium and iron and are the highest natural sources of the magnesium, which are very effective in controlling blood sugar.

Cacao Powder is produced from the Cacao beans that are harvested from the heirloom Ecuadorian species i.e Arriba Nacional-Fino de Aroma. The powder contains Theobromine, which is a weak but effective tonic and it enhances brain functions and mood. Another ingredient: Anandamide induces a pleasant state of mind.

The word anandamide has Sanskirit origin and it literally means “bliss”. Phenylethylamine (PEA); another chemical present in Cacao powder inspires happiness, focus, clear mindedness and wakefulness.

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Cacao powders are full of natural flavors and contain iron and other essential minerals that are beneficial for our health.

You can enjoy them in your chocolate drinks, dessert recipes and smoothies. Studies revealed that cacao contains neurotransmitters that increase levels of particular chemicals in our brain.

It promotes positive outlook, helps to elevate your mood and facilitates rejuvenation. Endorphins that are released on eating cacao, give a pleasurable sensation to our mind, which can reduce depression, increase mental clarity, and give a general feeling of well-being.

Ultimate Superfoods Cacao Powder retains its naturally gifted qualities, through sun drying process, rather than artificial heating or roasting.

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The Cacao beans are hand-peeled and thus don’t loose their natural flavors. Ultimate Superfoods support their farmers for producing healthy and high quality cacao, in assistance with organic agronomists.

Carefully hand picked cacao beans are fermented and then sun dried which refrains them from loosing their strong natural flavor.

True to its label, the cacao powder is amazing. It is so aromatic and flavorful. While it contains more fat than other cocoa products, it makes a delicious hot chocolate. Cacao powder, apart from rendering delicious flavor to our food, also provides many health benefits.

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