11 🍉 Superfoods For Healthy And💥 Shiny Nails ( Video )

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Top eleven super foods for healthy and beautiful nails nail fact is a mirror to our lifestyle personal hygiene and overall health maintaining.

Healthy nails is equally important as caring for your face and skin often you may notice that your nails have become dry.

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Video Summary:

Discolored still and brittle to prevent such imperfections you just have to make changes in your dietary routine and consume foods that are rich in protein.

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Sink in vitamins here is a list of top 11 foods that will make your nails healthy and pretty so eat your way to beautiful nails here are top 11 super foods for healthy and beautiful nails one milk cheese and yogurt if you want to keep your nails healthy.

You have to include milk and other diary products like cheese and yogurt in your daily diet they are enriched with vitamin b12 protein and calcium.

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Wwhich are very vital for making your nails strong and beautiful in addition these protein rich foods help to support the keratin base of your nails and strengthen them from inside as a result your nails will not break or crack off easily to increase the body’s absorption of calcium.

Try having these dairy products with vitamin D enriched foods like mushrooms eggs and tofu two whole grains whole grains are packed with good amount of Iron