Supermom Makes 🥦 Superfoods A Staple In Her 👶 Baby Food Products

Mompreneur in India turns her passion for superfoods into a business with an impact.

-Mompreneur saw a growing need in the market for baby food options that were healthier.
-Early Foods was created and the company has committed to bringing fresh and chemical/preservative-free food for children.
-Superfoods and other beneficial ingredients play an important part in their products.

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Shalini Santhosh was a kid who was raised in the city. She grew up in a family that placed great importance on having a good education and doing impactful work.

Though her career was on a good trajectory, she felt it wasn’t something that truly motivated her to do more. Only when she became a mom did she stumble upon an idea for a startup. This idea would respond to a demand for better and healthier baby food choices in the market that wasn’t being addressed: baby food packed with superfoods and other healthy ingredients.

Now the company is growing at an exponential rate. It still remains true to its vision though of bringing superfood to the forefront of the market one baby spoon at a time.

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