She lost 20 pounds in six months?

How did she lost 20 pounds in six months? Both Donna Harran and Beth Matrow were having health problems and no exercise or medication was helping them till their doctors suggested they go for blood tests for food sensitivity.

According to doctors sensitivity to food lets body produce reactive agents that results in inflammation as well as in depression, anxiety, asthma, acne, constipation and even constant weight loss.

Got relief from her knee pain?

After the tests in Oxford Biomedical Technologies, now Harren and Matrow are off from various foods and additives for two to six months. Though it was not so easy at first to change diets but after substituting the foods now Harren can lose weight and Matrow got relief from her knee pain.

Both said it was not easy at first — they had to scour labels for hidden ingredients, such as soy and lecithin or certain food colorings. And change their diets. Harran, who is Italian, could no longer eat olive oil, garlic, tomatoes or beef, but she said she soon found easy ways to substitute those items.

And Harran said she experienced an unexpected bonus — she lost 20 pounds in six months, without eating less, and was able to add back bread to her former gluten-free and ineffective diet.

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