Paleo – Just A Trendy Diet?

Is Paleo just A Trendy Diet? These days paleo diet has become the new trend and fitness enthusiasts are fast adapting it in order to get back into shape and stay healthy.

Also known as the caveman diet, paleo diet basically imitates the eating habits of the ancestors and the foods included in this type of diet are vegetables, fish, nuts, fruit, eggs, and grass-fed meat.

The paleo diet – forbidden to consume dairy products?

Anyone following the paleo diet will be forbidden to consume dairy products, legumes, grains, potatoes, and processed foods.

Many people scoff at this type of diet while others believe that it not only helps in shrinking waists but also keeps modern diseases at bay. According to Canadian Fitness expert Scott Abel, “Staples tend to stay with us longer and give a greater feeling of satiation.”

Starches, carbs and grains aren’t all bad for you.

Many nutritionists scoff at the Paleo diet’s vilification of carbs
and insist that they’re actually the basis of a healthy diet. Carbs get
stored in the body as energy and enable the protein you consume to be
used for muscle building and tissue synthesis. Plus, carbs are needed
for energy production during exercise.

Canadian fitness coach Scott Abel said he often prescribes his
clients a food regimen rich in grains and starch, which he says are
necessary for weight-loss goals since they keep people full. “Staples
tend to stay with us longer and give a greater feeling of satiation,”
Abel noted. “Moreover these ‘starch carbs’ are nature’s
anti-depressants. They’ve been a diet staple since ……….. read more on the really in depht article at: