Is Self-Care Really The ☍ Opposite Of Stress?


When people feel stressed, most of them resort to the newest solution in town – Self Care.

– How many people believe in the power of self-care?
– Are you one of those who think that self-care can really work?
– There are so many people who think that SELF CARE is the opposite of STRESS.

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What do you do when you feel stressed?

If this question was asked to a hundred people, more than half would claim that their first aid for stress is self-care. What is self-care, anyway?

To start, self-care is actually any activity that we do that can help restore our body’s vital energy and zeal all over again. Although it isn’t easy, self-care can definitely do wonders for people, especially those who believe in its restoring power for our body.

With this, people are beginning to think that maybe, the opposite of stress is self care.

Do you agree with this though, bases on your own personal experience?

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