How Can I Feel Relieved From Cruel Weather?🥃😍

How Can I Feel Relieved From Cruel Weather?

When you hear the word “OIL”, one thing might come into your might… HOT!

– Did you know that essential oils are good for cooling down during hot weather?
– It has been proven and tested that essential oil can bring relief to people during high temperatures.
– Learn how to make the most of your essential oils to give you better relief!

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Two ladies from one of the hottest tropical country in the world, share their personal experiences and frustrations during hot summer days. Trisha and Ira open up what it’s like to feel uncomfortable when the sun is so hot that it leaves their skin all sweaty and sticky.

The two girls document their small experiment in solving this problem, by the use of essential oils!

Did it work? Did essential oil bring them relief?

Well, it surely did! With proper use and enough amount, they were able to address the sticky feeling humid days can bring.

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