I Am Surprised To Know That THIS FOOD IS a SUPERFOOD!🥒🥝🍓

I Am Surprised To Know That THIS FOOD IS a SUPERFOOD!

Ever thought mushrooms are just for side-dish and nothing more? Well, think again!

– Currently, the more popular superfoods are green and leafy vegetables.
– Mushrooms could be taking over the spotlight as it joins the superfood family.
– Mushrooms are great mixture for both food and drinks.

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Have you ever tried drinking mushroom latte?
If not, you just don’t know what you’re missing… it is a must-try!

Aside from being nutritious, mushrooms are best-known for their ability to make anything taste a lot better. They can be mixed and paired with almost anything, from drinks to desserts, to main dishes.

Coffee shops in United Kingdom are currently exploring this superfood and adding them to their menu, because they seem to suite the taste of clients, especially the health conscious ones.

Mushrooms earned their popularity back in December 2017 when Robert Beelman, of the Penn State University, discovered that mushrooms have concentrated level of these two antioxidants — ergothioneine (or ergo) and glutathione.

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