Whats The Perfect Post Workout 🥧 Meal? ( Video)

Best Food After Workouts

In today’s video I’m going to be talking about what you should be eating for your post workout meal.

Let me start by explaining a little bit about post workout nutrition the post workout period is a crucial time for your body to receive the proper nutrients it needs to repair your muscles during a workout especially one that involves weight training.

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We’re going to be breaking down a lot of muscle tissue so your muscles are going to need protein because as you know protein is made up of amino acids which are the building blocks to your muscles.

However your muscles aren’t the only thing taking a beating during your workout glycogen stores are depleted from your muscles and from your whole body during the workout as well.

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These glycogen stores need to be replenished to assist your recovery and to prepare you for your next workout. However if you’re trying to burn some extra fat you may want to wait a little while after your workout before you have your post workout meal so your body can continue burning fat as its primary source of energy.

Should you consume calories after your workout?

A big question that people have in relation to post workout nutrition is how soon should you consume calories after your workout.

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And there are two answers that people go by today. The science answer and the bro science answer according to bro scientists there exists something known as an anabolic window.

Wwhich is basically a 30 minute period after your workout where nutrients are somehow way more observable where you’re going to build way more muscle than somebody that doesn’t consume protein and carbs directly after the workout and about five years ago when I was in college.

Me being the bro scientists that I was I believe fully in the anabolic window to the point where I would go to the gym still full from my previous meal do a very intense workout and then show the protein shake followed by a shake with cell tech hard core which is a creatine supplement with a ton of sugar a couple of times I even threw up and then quickly raced home to make another shake to satisfy that anabolic window.

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I have since learned that the anabolic window is actually not backed by any kind of real science. It seems like all of its support comes from the supplement scientists and the bro scientists that learn from them.

I’m not saying that you can’t have a shake or stuff food down your throat directly after a workout. But what I am saying is that you don’t have to as long as you end up getting the same amount of calories throughout the day. Eating a meal an hour or even hours after your workout will still have the same effect.

In fact your body is going to be in a muscle growth and repair cycle for 24 to 48 hours after your workout. Another thing to take note of is if you’re trying to burn fat not eating a meal for an hour or so after your workout will allow your body to continue burning fat from an elevated resting heart rate.

After your workout. Over time this could really make a difference in relation to burning body fat. Now that the anabolic windows out of the way I’d like to provide some example meals that you could have post work.