Should I Consider Buying Organic 🥦Food First?


We’ve all been told that organic food is better for us; it contains more minerals and less dangerous chemicals, but many people don’t stop to think about the benefits organic food has on the environment and on its producers.

In addition to various other benefits, organic products put fewer pesticides, fertilizers, and other dangerous chemicals into the environment. This makes is beneficial for not only your family, but for other families now and in the future.

Reduced chemicals from agriculture?

One major benefit of reduced chemicals from agriculture is an improvement in soil quality. Organic farming works to build the soil naturally through companion planting and crop rotations.

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This works with the natural system to keep the soil healthy. Traditional agriculture uses chemicals to supplement soil; treating the symptom without treating the cause.

Think all the chemicals from agriculture that end up in the plants or soil? Think again. Water from rain or irrigation doesn’t all stay on the fields. It can run off into lakes, rivers, and streams.

It can also seep deep into the soil and enter underground water supplies. And when this water leaves the fields, it takes all the dangerous chemicals with it.

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So even if you don’t eat the food produced by traditional agriculture, you could still be getting these chemicals through your local water supply.

And while many places control the amount of these chemicals, others can’t. In many rural areas, the only available source of water is from the ground.

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