Who Are The New Antioxidant 💥 Superstars? ( Video )

Who Are The New Antioxidant Superstars?

Every day we should stuff our faces with fruits and vegetables but which were the healthiest in my 1999 review I ranked blueberries is the healthiest fruits and kale the healthiest vegetable based on a study of 40 common fruits and veggies at the time.

But then in 2002 this article was published looking at 200 different plants and I told audiences that blueberries got their little blue butts kicked down to number seven

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Video summary:

No one had tested nuts before the new reigning antioxidant champs with pomegranates nipping at their heels but then this study was published in 2003 looking at herbs and spices.

Aand I had to revise yet again saying the healthiest food by weight at least on this planet is not blueberries not kale not nuts but clothes and oregano 40 times the antioxidant power of blueberries.

On a weight by weight basis and I read a thousand times more than what most Americans eat and the graph for cloves at the scale is far far off the chart no but this was all five years ago though what about goji berries and all these exotic new fruits on the market.

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Well the biggest study of its kind was published last year looking at 300 plant foods once again.

Cloves number one found to be the most antioxidant packed food substance on the planet but this is on a weight by weight basis you can eat a whole handful of nuts no problem.

Bbut a handful of cloves so on a per serving basis nuts actually have more antioxidants than clove since the serving sizes not it’s like an ounce and the serving size of cloves isn’t just a tiny pinch.

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So allow me to rank the top dozen anti-aging anti-cancer antioxidant super foods based on the latest findings by serving to make it more practical in terms of helping find ways to eat healthier on a day to day basis