The TRUTH About “ORGANIC FOOD” 🍆🥕 – – – Are They Worth The Higher Cost?


Admit it, you get all curious about the real nutritional value of “organic foods”.

– The word “organic” can be a very vague, and perhaps even confusing, word.
– This usually refers to how a food product was grown or raised, prior to being sold.
– A lot of people tend to lean toward “organic products” because they are more appealing.

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When you go to a grocery, have you tried comparing the prices of the same type of fruit or vegetable and compare across different brands? Meaning, compare all yellow/ripe bananas from different suppliers.

The tendency is, organic goods are usually priced higher way higher than processed foods. When asked why. It usually boils down to the high maintenance cost the producers (or farmers) had in growing or raising the organic product.

So are these organic products really healthier and more nutritious for them to deserve a price in the market?

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