Use Cinnamon for Blood Sugar 🔎 Control❓

Cinnamon for Blood Sugar Control

The use of cinnamon to help treat diabetes remains controversial we know that cinnamon is so good at controlling one’s blood sugar that you can cheat on a diabetes.

Test by consuming two teaspoons of cinnamon the night before your glucose tolerance.

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Test basically they make you drink some sugar water and see how well your body can keep your blood sugar levels under control.

And if you eat those two teaspoons right when the test starts or twelve hours before you can significantly blunt the spike a half teaspoon of cinnamon does not seem to be enough.

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But about a teaspoon a day does appear to make a significant difference a review the best studies done to date found that the intake of cinnamon by type two diabetics or pre-diabetics does lower their blood glucose significantly so what’s the controversy.

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Well as I described before cassia cinnamon also known as Chinese cinnamon or probably what you’re getting at the store if it just says cinnamon contains a compound called coumarin which may be toxic to the liver in high enough doses.

Originally the concern was mainly for kids during Christmas time where they might get an above average exposure.

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But more recently some researchers suggest that the kids just sprinkling some cassia cinnamon on their oatmeal a few times a week might exceed the recommended safety limit the bowl values here are above the recommended upper limit for little kids.