Kiwi Health Benefits For My Kids?

Kiwi for dogs?

Kiwis for dogs – you should definitely consider this:

Another important component of kiwis is the protein-dissolving enzyme actinidine, which breaks down animal protein. This makes the meal easier for the dog to digest if you mix a little kiwi into the food.

However, because of the enzyme, the kiwi should not be given to the dog together with dairy products such as yogurt or quark.
There are also some dogs that cannot tolerate the enzyme actinidine. So offer your dog a small piece of the berry first and wait for the reaction to occur.

Unripe kiwis contain a lot of acids and this is not very digestible for the dog’s stomach. That is why you should only give your dog very ripe kiwis. The riper the fruits become, the higher the sugar content is and the acidity decreases accordingly.
The degree of ripeness of a kiwi is easy to see with the touch of a finger, you don’t have to open the fruit. The softer the kiwi fills up, the riper it is. Overripe kiwis are optimal for the dog.

If your dog does not react intolerantly to actinidine, you can mix small amounts with the food without worrying. The kiwi promotes digestion and strengthens your pet’s immune system.


Author: Superfood