Kiwi Health Benefits For My Kids?

Kiwi skin edible?

Eating kiwis in their skin is very healthy. Wash the kiwis well, remove the stalk and then cut them into strips or cubes. The taste of the skin is a bit peculiar but complements the sweet flesh of the kiwi. Especially the rough, hairy structure of the kiwi skin might take some getting used to at first. Just try it a few times – and you’ll quickly get used to the special consistency. For a start, you can also try the golden kiwis, whose skin is much thinner and smoother.

Tip: If you puree the kiwi and its shell in a smoothie, you will hardly notice the difference.

Important: When buying kiwis, you should make sure that you choose organically grown kiwis. Conventional cultivation often uses chemicals such as pesticides, which are mainly found on the skin. In this case, it is better not to eat the skin. As a precaution, you should also wash organic kiwis thoroughly beforehand.

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Author: Superfood