Kiwi Health Benefits For My Kids?

Kiwi allergy

A food allergy such as Kiwi allergy is quite rare compared to other conditions such as hay fever. You can find out here which symptoms indicate an allergy.

Kiwi allergy as a cross allergy

How many people suffer from a Kiwi allergy cannot be said with certainty. Often there is no allergy at all when people are sensitive to certain foods, but only food intolerance. This in turn can be the result of enzyme defects.

Kiwi allergy often occurs in adulthood in combination with other allergies, as a so-called cross-allergy. Pollen allergy sufferers, for example, have an increased risk of developing a food allergy. A wide variety of fruits such as apples, pears, nectarines, bananas, or even kiwis can cause an allergic reaction.

Symptoms of a food allergy

Anyone suffering from a food allergy such as the kiwi allergy can usually expect symptoms within minutes of consumption. Late reactions after one or more days are rather rare.

The exact symptoms often depend on the specific allergy. In the case of a Kiwi allergy, the symptoms are usually limited to the mouth and throat area: the mucous membranes of the mouth and tongue can become inflamed, blisters form, and itching of the palate can occur. Accordingly, foods that can cause allergic reactions should be avoided.

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