Keto Diet For Weight Loss – More Harm Than Benefits? 🤔

Most people find weight loss as a very difficult thing to do, and it can really be a challenge.

– One of the best ways to lose weight is to exercise.
– Because of a busy schedule, people find it difficult to go to the gym.
– New ways and techniques for losing weight are being tried and discovered.

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According to fitness guru Jillian Michaels, the keto diet is not that beneficial AT ALL! In fact, it’s doing more harm than good… and fitness enthusiasts are being warned about this easy and new approach of losing weight, primarily because it’s really not that effective and nor is it safe!

Eating too much fatty food to replace one’s carbohydrate intake can do so much harm to the liver and kidney, and may even result to heart attack too!

If you’ve started this kind of diet, you have to know the risks that it involves because some people are completely unaware due to the lack of research and information.

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