Maca Health Benefits With Exercises and Workouts?

How much Maca to take

Maca powder or capsules?

Both forms of intake have specific advantages and disadvantages:

Maca capsules are particularly suitable for long-term regular use. After all, they can be taken everywhere without any problems. There is no need to weigh out the right amount beforehand, nor is it necessary to dissolve them in water. This means that the capsules can be swallowed directly after getting up in the morning without any great difficulty.

In the same way, you have to read through the recommended dosage of the capsules carefully, because the different manufacturers fill the capsules in different dosages. Many capsules also rely on extracts. However, many ingredients are lost through hot water extraction, which often leads to less effect.

Maca powder, on the other hand, offers the decisive advantage that it can be consumed in different ways. It can not only be used to prepare delicious shakes or, for example, pastries. However, there is another reason that often speaks more in favour of Maca powder: it is purer.

How much Maca per day

The correct dosage when taking Maca depends especially on the intended use. But age and weight also play an important role. Therefore, the recommended daily dosage usually ranges from one to three grams, but sometimes also from three to five grams.

Bodybuilders, on the other hand, often take up to ten grams if they are sufficiently advanced in their training.

For everyone else, but especially for those who just want to try out the Maca effect, it is recommended to start at a low level. Approximately 1.5 grams to a maximum of 3 grams daily are sufficient for the stimulating and mood-lifting effect to become apparent after a certain time. Those who only aim for this will not have to increase the dose further.

The latter is then rather recommended for use because of a sexual dysfunction or also during the menopause. In this case, once the body has become accustomed to the intake, a daily dose of 3 to 5 grams a day is recommended. This can easily be spread over several intakes throughout the day. This dosage is also recommended for athletes and bodybuilders.

There are a few rules of thumb for the dosage of Maca: The older you are when using Maca and the more pronounced the complaints are, the higher the regular dose should be. In the same way, the more chronic the symptoms are, the longer the dosage should be. This is especially true for promoting fertility. As has been mentioned, the best results are often only achieved after four months.

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