Maca Health Benefits With Exercises and Workouts?

Maca benefits for woman

The Maca root is said to alleviate symptoms during the menopause. The tuber also has a mood-lifting effect and reduces anxiety and depression. Maca is also said to prevent osteoporosis, i.e. bone loss.

The medicinal plant is also rich in plant sterols and thus promotes the formation of oestrogen. The female pelvic tissue is better supplied with blood and the libido is strengthened. The Maca root also reduces pain during menstruation.
However, you should be careful when dosing the Maca powder and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

In general, about three to four grams per day are recommended. You should not take more than six grams per day of the Maca powder. Otherwise, you may experience stomach ache, flatulence, indigestion, hyperactivity, and headaches.

In the Andes, Maca is still one of the staple foods and is used in many different ways in the kitchen. From sweet to hearty dishes, everything is available. The tuber is often processed into a sweetish porridge, the mazamorra. There is even a Maca beer.

Since the tuber has a slightly sweet, nutty taste, the Maca powder goes well with muesli. You can also mix the powder into yogurt, milk, smoothie, or a glass of water.

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