I Didn’t Know These Were THE REAL Superfoods!?

Are These Real Superfoods

Did you know that there are proven and tested ways to properly identify if foods really belong to the superfoods category?

– For the first time ever, health expert Rujuta Diwekar talks about how to spot a genuine superfood.
– It is very important to be able to know the difference between real superfoods from the rest.
– You might be surprised to discover that there are foods you didn’t even know were classified as a superfood.

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When superfoods came out and became a public sensation, there were really so much to ask about it and there was really a vague line to differentiate it from other regular foods.

So many experts believe that a lot of these health advocates may also be as confused as most people, especially when it comes to identifying and categorizing foods.

What about you? What criteria do you basically use to know if a certain food is indeed a superfood or not?

The most common answer actually is that people just believe what they hear – from other people, from the news, or from what they see and read on the internet.

Health expert Rujuta Diwekar gives us 3 basic ways to use in order to be more efficient in identifying and classifying ordinary foods from the real superfoods.

Find out what these methods are in this article – https://www.ndtv.com.