How To Lose Weight Fast In As Little As 7 Days?

How To Lose Weight Fast In As Little As 7 Days?

When you hear about fast weight loss, it is usually with the help of a weight loss pill or an extreme crash diet that can actually do more harm than good. If you really want to lose weight fast and thought it was practically not possible then think again.

You can actually lose much of those extra flaps naturally without any diet pills, crash diets, or appetite suppressants. All you need is some ‘me time’ for yourself, self-determination, and as little as 7 days.

Decrease your liquid calories?

Believe it or not, we load up our bodies with a lot of liquid calories in the form of fruit juices and sodas, and this causes much damage to weight management.

If you cut down on the liquid calories you can easily reduce your waistline and shed as much as 3 pounds in only 7 days. You will be surprised to know that a regular soda can has as much as 150-200 calories, and apple juice can have nearly 120 calories.

Water contains no calories and consuming more water can help cut fat and make you healthier. You may substitute tea with Green tea to further aid in weight loss.

Add more fiber to your diet?

One of the incredible ways to lose weight quickly is to eliminate white foods from your diet and substitute it with fiber-rich whole-grain foods. So, consume brown rice instead of white rice for dinner.  The fiber-rich superfoods also help you stay fuller for longer, and eat less amount of food throughout the day. Consume whole grains and vegetables to lose weight faster.

Include some physical activity in your day?

Your weight loss can get quicker when you increase the amount of physical activity in your day. This increases the heart rate and this significantly aids weight loss. You can make it a habit to do a 30 min exercise every day and see the effect it has on your body. Doing this daily for a week can help you lose as much as 2 to 4 pounds.