What Is Water Fasting and Can It Detox?

Have you ever heard of water fasting It is an effective and popular form of detoxification for your body? Water fasting is a religious practice since ancient times and it’s considered to not just purify the body but also the inner self.

Greek philosophers, Egyptians, Ancient Romans, and Biblical characters are all famous to have patronized water fasting in order to enhance their overall health and well-being. Even today water fasting is being practiced but it should be undertaken with care and caution as it is a strenuous form of detoxification.

Are you the right candidate for water detox?

If it’s the first time and you have not undergone any type of detoxification before, then water fasting may cause some problems for you. Although this type of detoxification removes toxins quickly, if it’s not carried out properly, it may prove harmful.

If you are anemic, pregnant women, or suffering from an eating disorder, then you should never opt for water fasting because although in this process the body gets detoxified, your body doesn’t get essential nutrients for a long period of time.

If you have gone through several cleanses before and opting for water fasting for the first time then you should start with ease rather than hastily. You may start by eliminating specific foods like meats, dairy, processed foods, caffeine, and sugary drinks from your diet.

Make a diet of superfoods comprising of fresh vegetables and fruits, and then move to fruit juices and water. If you are going through water detox the first time, then it shouldn’t last for more than three days, and if you are an expert make sure your doctor is available to treat you if you face any complications.

What are the benefits of water detoxification?

•It promotes healthier skin
•It also normalizes your bowel movement
•It aids in weight loss and relieves stress

Although water detoxification is useful, make sure you are fit enough to carry it out before getting into it. Water detoxification requires a lot of self-control and discipline and exemption of all sorts of calories. After you have successfully completed a water detox, make sure your diet only includes nutritious superfoods.

Author: Superfood