How To Control Emotional Eating?

Be honest and ask yourself whether you are actually hungry when you eat or you simply indulge into eating when you want to use food as a comfort or a distraction. There are people to get to eating when they are too stressed and it’s not until they have completed working on their project on talking over the phone that they realize that they have actually completed eating a bag of chips or a plate of cookies.

Almost everyone at some point in their lives is an emotional eater; stress and depression are considered as among main factors that leads to emotional eating. However there are occasions when a person is very happy, and he or she resorts to emotional eating.

The emotional eating factor is induced into us at an early stage when we are kids. As babies get a bottle of milk or breast when they cry, an upset kit gets a bar of chocolate to cheer him up etc.

So, this habit is tuned into us since childhood, making it really difficult to get rid of it. If you really want to overcome or control emotional eating habits then here are a few tips that you must follow:

Are you really hungry?

When you opt for emotional eating next time because you are really stressed or too happy, wait and ask yourself – are you really hungry ? Is your stomach empty and craving for food?

Are you feeling light headed? Do you simply want to munch on something because you are bored or unhappy about something? Relax and take a break from work. Go on a walk with friend, discuss your problems with someone. If you still feel like eating then drink a full glass of water before you eat and see how it changes the habit.

Paying attention to what you eat?

If you are craving for an ice cream after a quarrel with your spouse or you simply want a pot roast after you get back from work then chances are you are simply look for some comfort.

Limit yourself to indulging in comfort foods like a pizza or ice cream only once a week. Stock up your fridge with some superfoods so that you eat right when you are hungry .