Almonds Curb Hunger Pangs While Aiding Weight Management?

According to a study which was published in European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, a daily snack comprising of dry-roasted almonds can help curb the hunger pangs while helping you manage your weight.

In a controlled study, participants who consumed 1.5 ounces of dry-roasted almonds improve the consumption of dietary monounsaturated fats and vitamin E.

Snacking is a common habit these days, and in the US alone, nearly 97 percent of the population snack at least once per day and fitness experts says that snacking the right way can be actually good for your health. Make sure that instead of snacking on oily and fried items, you choose superfoods instead as this provides added health benefits.

Why are almonds called as superfoods?

Almonds work like superfoods because they are capable of flushing out bad fats from your body. A recent study showed that consuming almonds everyday does not increase cholesterol levels; instead it helps manage your weight. Hence it is a good snacking option for those who are concerned about their weight.

In other studies as well it has been proved that almonds increase the satiety levels in all, regardless of whether they are overweight or normal weight. This is mainly due to the essential nutrients present in almond which includes monounsaturated fats, fiber, and protein content. These collectively make whole almonds healthy superfood .

How can almonds have a positive impact on weight control?

Daily consumption of the superfood has a positive impact on appetite control, hunger, vitamin E and monounsaturated fat ingestion without having any influence on the body weight. As a result, almonds works like an amazing weight managing superfood that’s healthy and delicious.

Snack on dry-roasted almonds before your mid day meals, or in the evening when you feels the hunger pangs. When you make this a habit, your body will thank you for this as you can see marked reduction in your daily food intake and improved health.