Can Having Milk Help You Lose Weight?

For a long time milk has got bad press but recently new researches have shown that milk has got lots of nutrients and are beneficial for people who want to lose weight. We all know that milk has protein, zinc, calcium and Vitamin B too. It is said that the calcium present in the milk also help us in losing weight.

How can you lose weight by having milk?

Many people decide to avoid milk because they think that milk is fattening. But the research shows that in milk 190 calories and just about 0.6g fat and that is much less than a bar of chocolate. Thus if you are not having milk, then you are not only losing out calcium but also a fat fighter in your body.

It is also seen that if you have low fat milk or other low fat dairy products for months then you would lose about 10% of your body weight which is much more than those who take calcium supplements.

This proves that calcium in the dairy products actually help in losing more weight. However, the researchers still need to carry on more studies in order to confirm these results.

What are the other benefits of drinking milk?

It is also seen in researches that if you are taking in milk, then you are actually benefitting your heart as milk lowers the risk of strokes and heart diseases.

Also the cholesterol and the blood pressure levels remain low in those who consume milk. It is better that you drink milk and cut off the sugary drinks and that would help you in losing weight in a natural way.

Also it is seen that those who drink milk do not gain weight in their abdominal region. The protein content in the milk tends to keep you full for longer time and helps you in eating less.

The conjugated linoleic acid found in milk reduces the body fat and increases the lean muscle mass. Thus if you feel like craving for a drink then go for skimmed milk and you would benefit yourself. It is important to have milk as a part of your diet if you are planning to lose weight.