What Are The Healthiest 🥝 Fruit Superfoods❓ ( Video )

So yes watermelon is a healthy fruit. Healthier is the thing but there’s healthier, still greens are the healthiest vegetable.

But what are the healthiest fruits? A few years ago I talked about the study suggesting that eating a single serving of berries every day could add an extra year to our lifespan.

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Video summary:

Wait a second, it tastes great and we get to live longer that’s really what plant-based eating is all about.

More good news this year on cranberries and blueberries in general berries are packed with wonderful phytonutrients with nice names like petunia.

That’s another difference between plant and animal based foods and plant foods there’s like the T n ends and tea ginger, acid lemon oils like lemon and tangerine.

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Whereas in animal-based foods there are substances with names like Putra seen in turkey muscle this is from the Journal of nutrition Dietary Putra seen doesn’t really roll off the tongue nor would I want it to likely touch my tongue at all

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