What Are The ☀️ 8 Most Effective Skincare Tips? (Video)

Ready to start the eighth skin care tips. So the first tip that I have for you guys is that. That’s that. And by Fats I mean healthy fats. So your diet is a huge part of your skin.

Your skin is like the body’s biggest organ. When you’re eating unhealthy it will flourish through your skin when you’re eating healthy again.

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Video Summary:

It’ll flourish through your skin fats are so good for your skin because they contain omega 6 fatty acids which are the building blocks for your cell membranes.

When you eat a lot of fats not only does it hydrate your skin but it also radiates your skin some healthy fats that I recommend our coconut oil.

Avocados fish olives nuts are a big one walnuts almonds cashews peanuts. These are so good for your skin.

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When I find my skin looking very dull and dry I look at my diet and odds are I’m not eating enough that’s the second tip that I have for you guys is less is always more.

The fewer products that you put on your skin the better. You want simplistic products. You want to stick to the products that you do have quality over quantity.

I know a lot of times these big new products come out and they’re very thrown in our face through advertisements and sponsors and all that kind of stuff.

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But what’s really important is to stick what works for you don’t hop around different products because your skin is just going to go haywire.

I actually have a video coming out this Friday. I’m going to be showing you guys my skin care products that I use a very simple five step skincare routines would be on the lookout for that.

Keep in mind that when you do ever change your skin care or you’re trying out a new product a lot of the times it takes a while for your skin to get used to it.

Author: Superfood