Does Eating Spicy Food Help In Weight Loss Too?

We have never quite understood the benefit of eating spicy food. But other than burning our tongues there is a benefit of eating spicy foods and that is they might help you lose weight as you would try and avoid eating for a longer time, have fewer meals throughout the day and hence your calorie consumption is also lower.

But then we need to know the right spices to add in our food and to have the right kind of spicy foods and know when to eat the foods.

What is the effect of capsaicin?

Capsaicin provides the spicy taste of pepper that gives a burning sensation to our mouths. According to the researchers the reason for which it is said that spices like pepper aid in weight loss are this reason. Capsaicin also affects metabolism and increases it and also acts as an appetite suppressant too.

According to a study in recent times if people eat red pepper with their appetizers before lunch they often skip the afternoon snacks. The sensory effects of capsaicin help in decreasing food intake.

Thus both capsaicin pills and dietary consumption of capsaicin are seen to increase the fullness and reduce the fat intake. People who consumed the spice with a glass of tomato juice with meals were seen to have a greater reduction of calories.

Their calorie intake decreased by about 10 percent when they took the capsaicin pills and by 16 percent when they took capsaicin spiked tomato juice.

What is the effect of capsinoids in weight loss?

Other than Capsaicin there is another component in peppers that also helps in reducing the weight. This is the presence of capsinoids which is almost similar in the compound to capsaicin but these do not give the spicy sensation to the mouth.

According to the researchers in a recent study for a renowned US medical journal on nutrition if people use capsinoid capsules for weight loss it would definitely help them a lot as these capsules help in losing the abdominal fat and also helps to use the fat for providing energy for the body.

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