Can You Enjoy Your Glass Of Wine And Still Lose Weight?

Wine And Still Lose Weight?

The scientists are now claiming that drinking wine can help in weight loss. Hence they are encouraging people on weight-loss mission to skip the juices which are artificially sweetened and go for wine. The scientists have also proved that those who have diet drinks are more prone to gain weight than those who are moderate wine drinkers which is about a glass a day.

Hence if you don’t cling to the bottle and drink in moderation then you are bound to get awesome perks.

Is drinking wine really good for losing weight?

Researchers have long been researching on the properties of wine and have recently found out startling results. One research had kept tab on about 20000 normal-weight women for years.

After years they found out that the women who drank a glass or two of red wine each day are less likely to be overweight than the non drinkers and also those who drank beer and liquor. Thus it is proved that wine does have weight loss benefits.

This is possible because wine helps in digesting and triggers the enzymes for burning the calories. However, wine drinking helps men more because men in general make greater amounts of enzyme for metabolizing the alcohol.

Drinking wine is also good for some other health benefits because wine is rich in antioxidants and that helps in reducing cholesterol and blood pressure too along with keeping the free radicals in check.

What is more in store?

Another process in which wine burns calories is thermogenesis. Wine raises the temperature of the body and helps the body to burn calories and create heat. Another thing is that those women who drank wine ate less and also ate slowly which meant that they lose weight in checking the food.

So if these are taken into consideration then you would find that though drinking wine can give your about 125 calories for 5 ounces still the nutrients and the weight loss benefits allow you to have a glass per day. But then this should be continued with a weight loss diet and proper exercises too.

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