Slow Metabolism The Reason Behind Your Weight Gain?

Reason Behind Your Weight Gain?

Are you finding it difficult to lose weight despite doing everything right and you end up blaming your slow metabolism for all that weight gain and fat that just doesn’t reduce? Metabolism is the procedure through which the body converts everything that you consume into energy. Even while your body is resting, it requires energy to breathe, repair cells, and circulate blood throughout the body.

The amount of calories that your body utilizes to perform these basic functions is considered as the basal metabolic rate. Several factors determine the basal metabolic rate in the body, and these are as follows:

Factors that determine basal metabolic rate?

Size and composition of the body is an important factor as overweight individuals having greater muscle mass will burn more amounts of calories even while the body is at rest.

Sex is another vital factor, and men usually have less body fat and more muscle mass than the woman of their age, and due to this, they are capable of burning more calories.

Aging causes your muscle mass to reduce and this considerably cuts down the rate at which the body burns calories.

Although many people blame their slow metabolism for the stubborn extra fat in their body, this problem many times arises simply from taking a higher amount of calories than what is burned off. Even those who regularly exercise compensate for the increased rate of activity due to overheating.

Superfoods can help you stay healthy and lose weight?

To ensure that you have an active metabolism and stay fit, consume more superfoods that are packed with nutrition, less on fat, and are easy to digest. Regardless of whether or not you are watching weight, take a diet full of organic superfoods as they not only help you stay active and fit but also help avoid various health problems.

Women for example may greatly benefit from consuming maca as it balances the hormones within the body, alleviates the menopausal symptoms, and ensures that the quality of life is improved. It is also a great fertility booster for men as well.