Turning Vegetarian To Shed The Extra Pounds?

If you are a vegetarian then you are sure to love this and if you are not you may consider turning into one. It has been proved that vegetables are of great help to those who want to cut off the belly fat and lose weight. This is possible because vegetables fill your stomach with volume but add few calories to your body, which does the trick.

How can vegetables help shed extra pounds?

If you eat crackers when you are hungry then you are adding calories to your body, instead if you snack on cucumber you would feel full for a longer time and will not add that much calories too. That is the best part of the vegetables that they never give you extra calories. If you are planning on a diet targeting your belly fat then it is ideal that you go for vegetables every day. It will keep you full for a longer time than any other food and you will also not take extra calories.

Vegetables contain antioxidants. Antioxidants along with vitamins, phytochemicals and minerals help in losing weight. Also you would find nutrients like catechins and anthocyanins in the vegetables. These help in increasing the ability of the bodies to burn fat. Also antioxidants in the vegetables decrease the oxidative stress. Oxidative stress increases with poor diet such as diets rich in sugar and trans fat and hence it is necessary to have vegetables for decreasing the cell damage caused by oxidative stress.

Why you should have your plate full of various veggies?

Every vegetable has different type of antioxidants as for example orange and yellow vegetables such as carrots are good for eyes, skin and heart as they are good sources of Vitamin A. Green vegetables are also good sources of Vitamin A and C and they also cut down the stress hormones and in turn reduce the belly fat. The folic acid present in green vegetables also help in protein digestion and enhances metabolism. White vegetables have anthoxanthis which contain chemical allicin.

It helps in reducing the blood pressure and cholesterol levels in the body and also fights inflammation. Vegetables like beet and eggplant contain phytochemical  lycopene. This antioxidant helps in protecting the heart and is also know to fight against cancer. However, you should not take much of beans or lentils or potatoes as they contain starch and might not help you in losing weight .

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