Best Superfoods 🥝 For Weightloss (Video)

Superfood lose weight

And today I’m going over seven of my favorite superfoods.

Want to talk about why these foods are so beneficial to include in your diet and give you some simple ways to start integrating them. Right now so what makes super foods so super is that.

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Video Summary:

Ounce for ounce. They give us far more nutrients than the less super foods out there especially when we consider processed foods and white bread.

These things are so void of nutrients that just adding in a little bit of some super foods can help you make up that nutrient deficit or that nutrient deficiency you might have.

Coconut is a healthy Superfood?

So the first food I want to talk about is coconut coconut is a very heart healthy food. It’s also fantastic for reducing high blood pressure.

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It’s great for your immune system because it has natural antibacterial an antifungal properties. It also contains these very beneficial fats that literally help your body to metabolize your stored fats more effectively.

So coconut in the form of coconut flour coconut sugar or coconut oil can literally help your body become more efficient at burning fat for fuel. So these are really simple foods to start integrating into your diet.

Coconut oil is healthy?

Coconut oil really great for cooking. Now to really get the most nutritional benefits from the oil you don’t want to heat it but in terms of the best oil for cooking it’s going to be coconut oil.

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Now you can also just take a spoonful of coconut oil during the day or you can use it in your baked goods. Use it in place of butter to smear on your muffins or your toast. You can also use it on your skin. It’s one of the most moisturizing and nurturing things that we can use on our skin.

So especially around this time of year I always have a lot of coconut oil around both because I want to eat a lot of coconut oil and because I love to use it on my skin hopping over to coconut sugar.

Now there’s so many reasons to replace the refined sugar in your diet and just try to reduce that refined sugar as much as possible.

Now just one simple reason is that when you eat sugar made from the coconut you actually get all of these nutrients that are just not present at all in your regular refined sugar.

So just to take one as an example a serving of coconut sugar contains four.

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Superfood lose weight
Superfood lose weight