I Didn’t Know Banana 🍌 Blossom Could Actually Be THIS Good For My Health!


Chips may have tasted this good, but it’s never been healthier!

– More and more chefs are using a different and healthier ingredient when preparing chips.
– The alternative doesn’t just taste good, it’s also good for the health!
– Could this new alternative be a member of the superfoods?

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If you like chips, then this is definitely a time to rejoice!

One of the latest discoveries that chefs in Hong Kong have been experimenting is the use of a different ingredient to prepare the delicious chips that we so love to eat.

Surprise! Surprise! These chips can actually be prepared by using one of the most uncommon superfoods, which is the banana blossoms. If you’re wondering about the taste, it has the perfect bitter-sweet mix.

Chips that are made from these superfood ingredients are actually very rich in fiber! So when you do eat them, you will be enjoying the same crispy-ness in your mouth, of course minus the guilt!

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Read more about this latest discovery on this article – https://www.scmp.com.