Am I Eating The Dangerous Type Of Superfood?😮🍉🍌


When superfoods came out, all people could talk about was its benefits. What about its dangers?

– Did you know that superfoods can also be detrimental to your health?
– Some superfoods can even cause DEATH, according to recent studies.
– There are new discvoeries every day, and we need to be warned about its possible dangers.

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Since superfoods were released, a lot of people have been a huge fan, especially after knowing the benefits of these superfoods.

However, what people were not told, are the DANGERS of these superfoods! They can actually imposed a great deal of harm to its users, according to some studies.

So if some studies claim the all-good things about superfoods and another study claim the bad side effects of superfoods, who do we believe then?

There are myths and there are facts about superfoods that we need to know and we need to differentiate.

The important thing is to NEVER generalize any product because everyone has a different reaction to the metabolism of these food.

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