20 Superfoods That You Should Eat To Lose Weight Fast ( Video )


These help lower your cholesterol and keep unwanted weight off your body. Almonds also contain fewer calories than most nuts and a high amount of fiber and vitamin C.

If you need more proof, a study was published in the International Journal of Obesity. Researchers found that participants who added a daily serving of almonds to their low-calorie diet.

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They lost more weight than those who followed the same diet but added carb-heavy snacks instead of almonds.

Apples: Apples have pectin, which naturally slows down digestion and provides your body with a fullness feeling. But not everyone will substitute an apple for a meal, he recommends that people try and incorporate them into their meals.

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For example, she suggests shredding up apples and putting them in slaws and stir-fry, or even mashing them up and putting them in burger patties. There are also many other health benefits associated with eating apples.

They contain Fiber, Vitamin C, Potassium, Vitamin K, and many other beneficial nutrients. Apples have also been linked to lowered risks of heart disease and even have antioxidant effects because of the polyphenols found in them.

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Apples also promote good gut health and improve a person’s bone health. So, try to incorporate apples into your daily diet. As the saying goes: an apple a day keeps the doctor away!

3 Artichokes: Artichokes are extremely filling. In fact, she says that they are one of the highest-fiber vegetables in the world. One single boiled artichoke contains grams of fiber.