What Make Tomatoes the Superfood For All Ailments?

Tomatoes are perhaps the world’s most popular fruit, and also the most humble of all that you can find in everyone’s kitchen. But did you know that these are superfoods for their rich nutritional content that make them a healer for all ailments? The high lycopene content found in tomatoes lends it a bright red color, and this also aids in decreasing the risk of heart disease, lowers bad cholesterol, improves vision, and also helps in reducing the risk of nine different types of cancer. In this post we delve deeper into the myriad health benefits of red juicy tomatoes.

Tomatoes prevent sunburn and beautify skin?

When you want super gorgeous skin, this humble superfood is the answer. Tomatoes contain lycopene that promotes pro-collagen, which is a molecule that keeps your skin looking younger and firm. It also aids in preventing sunburn problems.

Tomatoes reduce chances of stroke by 50 percent?

This amazing superfood is useful in improving brain health. A research conducted with over a thousand Finish men made it clear that the presence of high amounts of lycopene content in the blood of these men reduced the chances of stroke by 55 to 59 percent.

Tomatoes can lower the risk of heart attack?

If you include more of tomatoes in your superfood recipes and couple that with a rich Mediterranean diet featuring mixed nuts and extra virgin olive oil, you can keep your heart healthy and happy. Studies have shown that eating more tomatoe s can save you from chances of various cardiovascular events including heart attacks, heart diseases, stroke or death.

Tomatoes help in boosting the bone health?

As per an article published in the American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine, there’ a connection between consuming tomatoes and osteoporosis. So, if you eat more tomatoes you can significantly reduce chances of osteoporosis, a disease that turns your bone brittle leading to deformity, disability, and fractures. It also helps prevent other diseases such as cognitive dysfunction, photo aging from UV light, and cardiovascular disease.

So, next time you are in the farme’s market or grocery store, reach out for the ripe and juicy tomatoes. Remember that the organic ones have the highest amount of nutritional punch!

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