What Are The Important Nutrients In 🥝 Superfoods?

Low Calories:

Another essential trait of super foods is the low-calorie content which makes it a healthy diet food. Foods that have low nutrient and high calories content tend to encourage weight gain and those that are high in saturated fat might lead to a rise in bad cholesterol, thus leading to artery diseases.

This superfood trait can be seen best in broccoli, which contains an effective combination of flavonoids, vitamins, minerals, fiber and other antioxidants.

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Organic and raw food:

Super foods are best found in their raw and organic form. They are not exposed to any artificial fertilizers or pesticides that rob the fruits and vegetables of their essential nutrients.

The processed foods that are sold at the grocer’s contain high amounts of preservatives and less amount of nutritional content. The preservatives used to keep them good for long, robs them of their important nutrients. Hence, organic and raw foods with little or no processing have all the essential nutrients that make them super good for your health.

Wide ranging super foods:

There’s a common misconception among people regarding the superfoods. They believe that super foods contain only fruits and vegetables, however this is not true. Several other foods, including some poultry and beef products also come under the horizon.

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