Superfood Tips: The Key Superfoods Fruits For Burning Fat

Hi, Dr. Nick here, medical correspondent for A4M (American Academy Anti-Aging Medicine), author of over 10 books.

And I’d like to share with you some of my beliefs about Thomas Delauer and his comments at the key superfoods for burning fat and relationship to fruit.

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I wanna share with you what I believe is quite misleading. And you need to hear these facts. Let’s start on with what he has to say. Thomas: First, I have to help you understand the science of fructose metabolism. Fructose is the sugar that is in fruit.

And here’s the thing, guys. It doesn’t metabolize the same way that traditional glucose or traditional sugar does. You see, when we consume regular carbohydrates, all the cells in our bodies can utilize that as a fuel source.

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However, with fructose, the sugar that comes from fruit, the only organ in the body that could utilize it is the liver. That means our muscles and all our other cells can’t use fruit as an energy source. It doesn’t mean that freeze bad.

It just means that we need to be very particular with the kinds of fruit that we consume. So, I’m gonna give you fruits that are good, fruits that are kinda neutral, and then fruits that you should avoid. Nick: At 56 seconds, I’d like to comment now. All right. Learn more in the video.