TED Talk: Focus 🔍 On Health. Focus 🔍 On Self Care

Self-care has never been this popular, what makes it so special lately?

– In the old times, self-care did not really matter that much.
– Self-care may have already been practiced but it wasn’t that popular as it is today.
– Find out what makes self-care so relevant lately.

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The popular show TED Talk focuses on the stage and its guest speaker talks about the relevance of self-care in today’s busy society. With so much going on in the lives of people, and with all the pressures brought about by society, it is indeed an alarming thing for people to face mental health issues.

Self-care is one of the most important things to prioritize because experts believe that it would cost us more if we neglect our mental health. Our lives can be less complicated and more productive if we give more importance to self-care then any other expenses in our life.

After all, holistic health requires our body and mind’s well-being.

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WATCH the full video here – https://www.ted.com.